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United Kingdom

Name: Gavin Stark
Title: UK Director
Telephone: +44 795 737 7805
4 Hardman Square, Gartside Street,
Manchester, England, M3 3EB


Name: Markus Halonen
Title: Project Director
Phone: +358 40 7577861
Kankurinkatu 4-6
05800 Hyvinkää Finland

Switzerland, Germany and other International Inquiries

Name: Veijo Hytti
Title: CEO
Telephone: +41 79 663 6633
Wiesenstrasse 8
8008 Zürich Switzerland


Public sector

Public sector is facing huge efficieny pressures in all western countries. We have taken this challenge seriously by offering user friendly and agile tools to both increase the effectiveness and employee satisfaction. Holistic thinking in project management is increasingly important.

With the right processes and digital tools supporting the daily work the public organisations can reach over 30% cost savings. But this is not all. You’ll get better transparency in all ideas and projects, people can participate better in development engaging them to bring more ideas and utilize the resources more efficiently.

We have really deep and long-term co-operation with a wide variety of organisations within the public sector such as state institutions, universities and cities both in Finland and the UK. We can provide easy to use tools for internal and external idea creation, internally, managing and measuring ideas, assessing project proposals and managing individual projects and project portfolios. Keto Conversation is a function for communicating and developing the ideas further. Management get a deeper understanding of the innovation funnel with easy to use dashboards.

The software product has been designed in real life with several clients. It supports the daily work and brings instant benefits for the users, project management and people who make the investment decisions. The software plays a key role within the organisation. Thanks to high quality data your organisation reaches better understanding about the innovation funnel, each project and the entire project portfolio.

We are happy to discuss more how we can help your organisation to get more ideas and reach higher ROI for the development and innovation projects.