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Name: Markus Halonen
Title: Project Director
Phone: +358 40 7577861
Kankurinkatu 4-6
05800 Hyvinkää Finland


Name: Veijo Hytti
Title: COO, Business Development
Telephone: +41 79 663 6633 / +358 50 587 1666


Name: Veijo Hytti
Title: COO, Business Development
Telephone: +41 79 663 6633
Wiesenstrasse 8
8008 Zürich Switzerland

United Kingdom

Name: Gavin Stark
Title: UK Sales Manager
Telephone: +44 (0) 795 737 7805
The Landing, Blue Tower
MediaCityUK M50 2ST


    Innovation Process

    Keto provides professional tools for every phase in the innovation process. You can track the development of each innovation from idea to go-to-market. Everything is well planned, optimised and managed through the whole process. The users are in the center and communication flows smoothly across functions and phases. Finally, what you get is increased profit, higher Return On Innovation.


    Idea Portfolio

    Ideas are not created randomly, but according to a specific need or challenge. Then you can brief your organisation to bring as many suitable ideas as possible. All the suitable ideas will then be managed properly with Keto Portfolio. And more than that, people can develop the ideas further with Keto Conversation.


    – Team work support and employee engagement
    – Idea gathering processes
    – Rewarding
    – Internal and external innovation campaigns
    – Flexible review criterias


    Business Model Canvas

    Business Model Canvas is widely used tool in fast growing companies. It enables team working and several people can simultaneously develop the plan and add value.


    Evaluation Matrix

    Evaluate and select the most valuable ideas for further processing. Draft a clear road map and decision making process. Communicate openly in your organisation.


    Program Management

    Large organizations often have strategic programs. With Keto Software you can monitor the progress of each program. Clear dashboard visualizes each program and their content. You can easily simulate and choose which projects will be prioritized in each program.


    Project Proposal Portfolio

    Selecting the right ideas to become project candidates is a really critical task. Keto Software offers excellent tools for evaluating and forecasting the potential of each idea and project candidate. We provide tools for drafting the business case for each project proposal according to the company’s specific needs such as risks vs profitability, time to market, cost-savings potential or strategic fit.


    – Business Case
    – Candidate Portfolio / Kanban
    – Evaluation and priorisation of Candidates
    – Milestones for Planning and Preparation


    Business Case – Calculations

    Create a business case for each project proposal with the practical planning tools. Analyse and plan the strategic fit, projected risk and reward, urgency or cost-saving potential of the proposal.


    Hybrid Project Portfolio

    First time ever you can manage your projects in the same portfolio with traditional (ABC, waterfall) and agile (SAFe) methods.


    Specifications for Needs

    Offering management manages different kind of needs and requirements from client, internal stakeholders or standard authorities. You can easily manage these needs with Keto’s functionality.


    Project Portfolio

    A new project starts after the project candidate approval. Keto offers easy-to-use tools for managing an individual project. Hour reporting, resource allocation and project management are harmonized within the whole organisation. All the data from all the projects is collected in the Project Portfolio, which enables managers to evaluate and manage the portfolio.


    – WBS / Gantt
    – Cost forecasting and reporting
    – Risk management
    – Sprint / Kanban
    – Hour reporting
    – Task calendar
    – Project traffic lights
    – Reservation of internal and external resources
    – Resource planning
    – Status reports


    Finance and Reporting

    We promise you higher Return On Innovation. You can plan, control and understand your investments better and online. And reporting happens automatically.



    Backlog function supports agile mangement processes. It is a dynamic list of tasks that are prioritized. Then you can divide the tasks into smaller entities and ensure the progress of each task.


    Change Management

    Change is inevitable. Organizations that manage it effectively will pull ahead of their competition. Change initiatives are time consuming and costly, but by approaching change management with a disciplined approach helps you to organizations can survive and thrive.


    Agile projects

    Agile projects (such as SAFe model) have different philosophy than tradiitional projects. We have created a hybrid model for you where you can combine your agile projects with tardional projects. This is really unique, because for the first time you can plan and manage all kinds of projects with one tool. This brings higher efficiency, clearer communication, better transparency and faster go-to-market!



    Dynamic and online budgeting for project proposals and projects is important in agile management. We have several models for bugeting that can be adapted to your own processes and needs. Budgeting is important starting point for measuring the return on innovation investment.


    Continous Reporting

    Better to spend time in doing than gathering the reports? With Keto you’ll have online reporting, all documents automatically in one place and open to right people. Lift your management methods to a new level.


    Risk Management

    With risk management function you can assess and control risks in your innovation pipeline.


    Milestone Review

    Do you know how your projects are progressing? Keto provides good tools for reporting, follow-up and action of each phase.


    Communication Keto Chat

    You can support better team working with Keto Chat. People can easily discuss and develop any idea or project during its life cycle.


    Project Set Up

    Everything starts here. Setting up a project requires good attentions as it enables gathering good data and continuos use.


    Quality System Audit

    Reporting the process and results of your audits may be time consuming and frustrating. Visual audit dashboard view automates this work for you. Now it’s simple to track how successfully your audits have been completed and monitor resolution of deviations.


    Hour Reporting

    Hourly reporting made easy. Project management requires often planning and tracking the hours, good data enables better management. Planning and estimating time needed to complete project tasks is not enough. You need to record how much time was actually spend. Simple to use hour recording view helps all users to report actual duration straight into the Keto. You can monitor in real-time how much time is actually consumed and you are always up-to-date on how things are processing.



    We have optimized the user experience in mobile and smaller screens for most of the functions, especially where high efficiency is needed.


    Project Planning

    Most of the projects require detailed scheduling and resource allocation. Our Gantt-type planning tools have been designed with and for the project professionals. You can enjoy wide range of functions, or simplify the usage, you decide. You can integrate the agile projects into the water wall project, whcih you can’t do with any other software!


    Resource Allocation

    Resource allocation is really critial task in organisations. Keto provides easy-to-use tools for resource management to save time and money and keep people motivated. This function is widely used globally.


    Resource Load

    You want to know the resource load in your organisation and by each person? With Keto you have a good overview of the resource load and you can plan and react before the problems arise.


    Quality Deviation

    Reporting the process and results of your audits may be time consuming and frustrating. Visual audit dashboard view automates this work for you. Now it’s simple to track how successfully your audits have been completed and monitor resolution of deviations.



    Keto is a modern software, which is easily integrated with other critical enterprise systems. Usually Keto is integrated with finance management softwares and other ERP-systems such as SAP. Data flows in both directions.


    Managed Service

    We are more than happy to help you with the implementation project and/or continuos service. We have well-trained project managers who can take full responsibility for technical implementation, training the users and keeping things on track. Ask us more about this opportunity!


    Let’s POC

    Order a tailor made Proof-Of-Concept with a fixed price of 7.000 €.

    What do we mean with a POC?

    • Gathering feedback, learning and evolving in workshops
    • Matching the software with your own processes
    • Minimizing project risks before engaging
    • Collaborating to align expectations
    • Defining success
    • Proofing of the planned and expected results / performance
    • Basis for the detailed Keto offer

    Targets of POC

    • To understand the common organisational interests, differences and challenges in order to jointly define a solution which builds on your strengths
    • To experience the value Keto can provide in the digital transformation of your business
    • To find and to share the mutual understanding and best practices to develop the leading innovation programme

    Summary of our generic implementation process consists of the following stages:

    Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 17.10.07
    1. Project set up

    • Virtual or personal meeting for demo and presentation

    2. POC set up and intensive use during 4 weeks

    Workshop 1 Discovery

    • Background, targets and expectations
    • Benchmarking & best practices  Your own ”Touch”
    • Identifying your high potential / low risk topics
    • Definition the POC coverage – depth vs. width of functonalities
    • Specification and parameters of functions for customization
    • Tasks and responsibilities
    • Kick-off
    • 2 weeks Sprint 1: setting up first demo

    Virtual follow up sessions when required

    Workshop 2 Navigation

    • Demo meeting and specifications for Sprint 2
    • 2 weeks Sprint 2: demo finalised
    • Acceptance meeting
    • Feedback meeting for drafting the content of Live use Offer
    • In total 4 weeks POC duration

    Review and Feedback

    • User feedback
    • Review of concept
    • Return on results
    • Changes and improvements
    • Input for detailed offer


    Fixed price EUR 7.000 plus VAT excluding travel costs if applicable – this amount will be credited when contract for Keto will be signed after POC.

    3. Proposed Live use after go decision

    • Pilot adjustments for Sprint 3-6
    • Integrations
    • Training of key users
    • Launch communication
    • Pilot acceptance
    • Pilot for limited use
    • Global roll-out